What Movies Taught Me About Love


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I’m so hungry right meow, I was wondering if you could please make me some scrambee eggs and bacon and toast and then I’ll go lay in bed and wait patiently for you to cook it and then bring it to me and while I’m eating it you can sing Justin Bieber songs to me. What? What do you mean no? Please? Ugh. Damn it, it was worth a shot. I guess I’ll just tell you what this video is about then since we’re already here. It’s about what movies taught me about love, which is not a whole lot, if anything I grew up to be a confused adult because this stuff just doesn’t make any sense. I talk about that ginger hooker named Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, Princess Leia kissing her brother in Star Wars and how apparently everyone just didn’t care, the ever so “romantic” upside down kiss in Spider Man, how dumb Rose is in Titanic, the cluterfuckery that is Romeo and Juliet, kissing in the rain, Dirty Dancing, and others. There is also ***** SPOILER ALERT****** a surprise ending of Kermit doing Gangnam Style so make sure you don’t miss that so you can get the giggly lol’s. If you are currently playing the Jenna Marbles drinking game, drink twice for reading this sentence. Ha! I just fucked you! Also, Kermit was sitting in my shirt the whole time I wrote this. “Too many glasses in a cupboard makes a mess if an earthquake happened under it.” – Confucius

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