“Villain” by Brianna Leah, Aaliyah Rose, Madysyn Rose, & Sara Rowe | SONGS THAT STICK


Who got a hold of the watch and what could possibly happen to Stacy? Is she stuck in the 1920’s? Does she find her watch and make her way back home?

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A Double Empire Records Production Presents:

This series was created with the fantasy of bringing “feel good” music to this new generation. My dream is that kids growing up today will have the opportunity to listen to all eras of music with a twist of today’s sound. My hope is that they can appreciate what our great musicians left behind in a magical way.

Sing, laugh and dance along with YouTube’s favorite kid musicians as they cover today’s catchiest songs. Including fan favorites “Sugar” by Maroon 5, “Dear Future Husband” by Meghan Trainor and “Chains” by Nick Jonas.

→ Credits ←
“Yesterday’s Playlist” Song Intro
Written by Brianna Leah, Vicky Curiel, and Produced by Wes Tarte
Written by Brianna Leah, Franchesca Richard, and Produced by Wes Tarte

Diego Pasillas – Ticket Master
Georgia Bryan – Villiain
Anthony Azuike – Piano Man

Alia Penaherrera , Jan Mendoza , Kayin Quinn, Lily Daugherty, Roxy Ogle

1920’s Dancers:
Alyssa Azani, Fatima Nafi, Jasmine Rincόn , Kendra Corcoran, Laila Gilio, Leeya Mevorach, Peta Jolly, Sabrina Hisa, Siaki Si’i

JJ Moore

Addison Penrod
Mia Allen
Shaya McCord

Double Empire Records Production
Directed and Written by Vicky Curiel
Produced by Vicky Curiel & Matt Levy
DP – Rich Bella
AD/Editor/Animator/Script Writer – Lewis Gonzalez
Steadicam – Timber Hoy
Boom operator – Mackenzie Vose
Audio Mix – Ryan Collier
AC – Carlos Jimenez Salgado
Swing – Kiko Gonzalez
Gaffer – Octavio Estrada
PA – Antonea Malloy, Angel B
BTS – Jorge Zurita aka Foxx West
Wardrobe: Vicky & Brianna Curiel
Makeup Artist/Hairstylist – Cynthia Angelina
Makeup/Hair Assistant – Gabriella Murphy
Choreographers – Kevin Jackson & Kendall Cherry
Music Mix – Christopher “Tito” Trujillo

Thank you to my cast and crew for this amazing experience. I still can’t believe we shot 2 episodes in this theater in less than 12 hrs.. You are sincerely the best people to work with! To the parents thank you for supporting your children in making their day special.

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