Red Cards in Rio Prank | Dude Perfect

We gave people RED CARDS. In Rio. At the World Cup. Comment who will win the World Cup? ► Watch our Bonus Video, “Speedo Patrol” —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE – ► WATCH our STEREOTYPES – As always, big thanks to our friends at […]

Exploding Action Figures | Dude Perfect

These action figures are NOT bullet proof. Search “Dude Perfect Snap” on Snapchat! – – – – – – – – – – – – – ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE – ► JOIN our NEWSLETTER – ► WATCH our STEREOTYPES – In between videos […]

Kayaking Down an Escalator

Basketball, Golf, Kayaks, Soccer… and Ryan Tannehill? Game on. —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – DOWNLOAD “Put Your Hands Up” here: Artist: Boiling Point Special thanks to Ryan Tannehill for being a really cool guy and a true master of the Chinese Finger Trap. […]

Restaurant Stereotypes

Going out to eat? Not without these guys, you’re not. ► WATCH more STEREOTYPES – ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE – Watch DELETED SCENES from the video! HUGE thanks to Manny’s and Stan’s for letting us make a mess in their restaurants! Check them both […]

MASCOT SCHOOL | Dude Perfect

NEW “GO BIG” TShirts! – Play the DUDE PERFECT GAME here! iPhone – Android – Do you have a GO BIG mindset? Find out in our newly published book, “Go Big.” Music Info: Living for the Other Side by Capital Kings Download here: (Walowac, White, McKeehan) © 2012 Universal Music […]

Trick Shots (ft. Dude Perfect)

Nine different trick shots in a row. Thanks to Dude Perfect, the world’s greatest trick shot artists. Check out their channel and subscribe to them at Thanks to Lunchables Uploaded for making this video possible. Check out the Dude Perfect episode of Fully Uploaded in the end of this video. Check out the rest […]

Nerf Blasters Lake House Edition BONUS Video | DUDE PERFECT

Check out the epic behind the scenes footage from Dude Perfect’s brand new Nerf video! Cody comes up with a clever new way to make bubbles, Tyler crashes a toy helicopter and the panda gets his jet ski on… SUBSCRIBE to The Whistle and check back to see more from Dude Perfect! – As […]

THE DUDE PERFECT SHOW | Cory Cotton Takes On A Ping Pong Champion!

After taking a bet with Cody that he can beat anyone at ping pong, Cory enters a table tennis championship. Watch this sneak peek and don’t miss the full episode Thursday, June 16 at 9/8c, only on CMT. SUBSCRIBE to CMT: MORE DUDE PERFECT: Cory Takes On a Ping Pong Champion Dude Perfect […]

Desert Drifting Baseball Edition | Dude Perfect

America’s pastime, in the desert, with drifting cars. —————————– Huge thanks to Scion! ► See Behind the Scenes @ The Whistle! ► See the Epic Scion FRS! ► See more from Scion Download BuiltByTitan’s song “Collide” here: —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE – […]

World’s Longest Dunk Tank Throw | Dude Perfect

People get dunked with Gatorade all the time. Just not like this. Huge thanks to the bold and intense flavors of Gatorade Fierce for helping us GO BIG with the World’s Longest Dunk Tank Throw! See more at Special thanks to our friends at Toyota Stadium, home of FC Dallas! Watch our last […]

Super Bowl Party Stereotypes

Your Super Bowl party WILL be like this. ►Click to see more from the Dudes and NBC Sports at the Super Bowl! ►Like Sunday Night Football on Facebook for all things Super Bowl 49 and for more from the Dudes: —————————– ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE […]

Exploding Basketball Pyramid | Dude Perfect

Yes, it’s raining basketballs. What should we BroMo next? Watch our most recent vid – Nerf Blasters Lakehouse Edition! Play the best-selling DUDE PERFECT GAME! iPhone – Android – NEW Dude Perfect Merch! Special thanks to 444 Camera for helping us out with the incredible Phantom Flex High Speed Camera! Click here […]

Epic Trick Shot Battle | Dude Perfect

Anything you can do, I can do better… Or can I? … Or can you? —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – Subscribe to Brodie & Dude Perfect HERE! Music: “Start a New One” (Dude Perfect mix) by Manic Bloom. DOWNLOAD for FREE at […]

Extreme Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Things just got EXTREME. See the Boy Scouts new SUMMIT for yourself! —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – Watch our most recent vid – Fantasy Football Stereotypes! Music: “Torch” by Everfound Snag your own copy of this awesome song here: iTunes Link: We […]

Paper Airplane Battle

The world’s best paper airplane (is not in this video…) —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – Watch our basketball video with Luke! Subscribe to Luke! — It’s also highly recommended that you follow us on Facebook. We double dog dare you to do it. […]

Epic Trick Shot Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect and Brodie Smith are at it again. —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – Music: “Eye On It” by TobyMac // Download at SUBSCRIBE to BrodieSmith21 – SUBSCRIBE to TobyMac’s YouTube channel: Skate Park Info – Skating Panda Not Included […]

Nerf Sports Edition | Dude Perfect

Football, soccer & baseball collide. This is NERF Sports Edition. Watch more Nerf Perfect Shots! —————————————-­ ► PLAY our iPHONE GAME – ► VISIT our NEW STORE! – Watch our most recent vid – Ping Pong Trick Shots! Special thanks to FieldhouseUSA and Trinity Christian Academy for letting us do cool […]

Dude Perfect Iron Man Trick Shot (#NERF)

I did the craziest world’s largest IRON MAN TRICK SHOT! #Nerf and we decided to #DudePerfect it up by adding a Hamswan Action Camera and sticking it in our world record Nerf Dart. *Although our experiments and Nerf Mods are fun to watch please do not attempt any dangerous ones that we show. These are […]