Nuzzle Whaaa? w/ Tyler Oakley, Jenna Marbles & Kandee Johnson

James teams up with Kandee Johnson to face Tyler Oakley and Jenna Marbles in a game of Nuzzle Whaaa??? where they must use only their faces to identify items while blindfolded. Subscribe To “The Late Late Show” Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes HERE: “The Late Late Show” on Facebook: “The Late Late […]

10 Reasons Why the NHL May Be the Best League in Sports

10 reasons why the nhl is the best league in the sports world What do you think is the best pro sports league and why? Description: When it comes to Europe, their most beloved sport is soccer. In America, baseball may be the country’s pastime, but football trumps all. But when it comes to Canada, […]

NFL Combine 2017: Should Players With Issues Be Allowed? | MMQB | Sports Illustrated

The MMQB’s Peter King, Jenny Vrentas and Tim Rohan discuss the NFL not inviting Joe Mixon and Chad Kelly to the 2017 Combine. Subscribe to ►► Follow the latest NFL news and highlights, with updates on your favorite team and players. Want to know what’s up with Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Tom Brady and […]

Super Bowl 2017 preview: Can the Falcons Rise Up vs. Tom Brady and the Patriots? | Uffsides

In a special Super Bowl preview from Radio Row, Broncos Pro Bowl cornerback Aqib Talib joins the Uffsides crew to break down how to defend against the two best offenses in the NFL, where Tom Brady’s legacy stands, and the philosophy behind yanking Michael Crabtree’s chain. He also learns about the existence of Mumford and […]