How UFC Fans Will Remember Brock Lesnar | SI NOW | Sports Illustrated

Fox Sports MMA writer Damon Martin reflects on Brock Lesnar’s MMA career. Subscribe to ►► Follow the latest NFL news and highlights, with updates on your favorite team and players. Want to know what’s up with Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Tom Brady and more? We’ve got you covered: Can the Cleveland Cavaliers repeat? […]

10 Athletes You Either LOVE Or HATE

10 athletes u wanna love or hate There are two sides. Which are you on? Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked. Description: Professional athletes are out there for a few reasons: To […]

10 Most Shocking Funniest WWE Wrestlers in Real Life

Top 10 shocking WWE Wrestlers who you didn’t know were actually funny in real life. Most WWE Superstars are presented as people who would never crack a smile or be seen doing something comedic on TV. But in real life there are many WWE Superstars who are very funny and love to make people laugh. […]

10 WWE Wrestlers QUITTING in 2017

10 WWE Superstars who could be calling it quits in 2017. WWE is full of wrestlers who love what they do for a living but there are some who are either fed up with the company or are in the twilight of their career their body can’t handle pain and suffering of the ring anymore. […]