10 Times the WRONG Player Took ALL THE BLAME For a Loss

10 Times in Sports The Wrong Person Was Blamed

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Who do you think was the most undeserving scapegoat in sports history?

Any other Sports lists you want us to do? Let us know in the comment section and we will credit you in the video if your idea is picked.

The sign of a good man or woman is when they accept their own mistakes and own up to it. Not when they blame their screwups on someone else.

And in sports, it’s a much more cruel world. When a team loses a big game in heartbreaking fashion, fans try to point the finger at one player, one fan or even one ref. But come on now, you win and lose as a team.

I’m Mike Cantalupo, and today we present 10 times in sports where the wrong guy was blamed.

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Video Editor + Host: Mike Cantalupo
Written By: Alex Hoegler

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